Partner Matt Casey Settles Workers’ Compensation Case

Workers' Compensation

Casey & Devoti recently settled an Illinois Workers’ Compensation case for a lump sum of $400,000 while on appeal after winning the case at Arbitration. The client was represented by Partner Matthew Casey.

In March 2011, the client injured his cervical and lumbar spine during a fall while employed as an iron worker for MC Industrial Incorporated. Doctors diagnosed the client with spinal stenosis, several bulging and herniated discs, and severe spinal cord compression.  The injuries resulted in neck, low back and shoulder pain, tingling, numbness and weakness in the legs and hands, muscle spasms, and coordination issues.  After steroid injections failed to offer the client relief, doctors performed a cervical decompression and fusion of the C5-6 and C7-8 vertebrae.  Fifteen hours later, doctors performed a lumbar decompression of L2-3 and L3-4 and a fusion of the L2-3 vertebrae.

Even after the surgeries, the client continues to suffer from neck and low back pain, numbness in the feet, tremors in the hands, difficulty walking and standing on uneven surfaces, difficulty with fine motor skills, and sleep issues. Since the fall at work and the surgeries, the client has undergone countless hours of physical and occupational therapy and continues to be under the care of a pain management specialist. Because of these lingering injuries, doctors determined the client could no longer work as an iron worker.

Attorney Casey argued in arbitration that MC Industrial Incorporated should pay the total past and any future medical expenses, maintenance for the clients’ temporary total disability and a wage deferential for his permanent partial disability. While the employer agreed the neck injury was caused by the fall, they argued the low back injury was not related to the fall.  Further, they argued the majority of the client’s disability was caused by pre-existing spinal stenosis in the lower back.  Arbitrator Michael Nowak agreed with Attorney Casey and ruled all of the client’s injuries and his current health state were causally related to the work accident.

For over 30 years, Casey & Devoti has diligently protected the rights of its clients with honesty and integrity.  Our lawyers are dedicated to providing individuals with first-class, professional and aggressive legal representation.  Matt Casey and Matt Devoti have extensive trial experience representing clients in matters such as, automobile, truck and train accidents, medical and legal malpractice, product and premises liability, elder care and sexual abuse, Workers’ Compensation and wrongful death.  Casey & Devoti proudly serves the greater St. Louis metropolitan area, southeastern Missouri and southern Illinois.

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