Pharmaceutical Injury Lawyers

Defective pharmaceuticals make their way into consumers’ hands every year. These drugs, even if taken correctly, have the potential to cause lifelong health complications or death. In these instances, our drug injury lawyers step in to hold drug manufacturers responsible for their negligence through defective drug lawsuits.

Examples of Pharmaceutical Lawsuits

Pharmaceutical injury lawyers fight back against manufacturing, design or marketing defects. In our experience, pharmaceutical companies that fail to take proper precautions may produce and sell products with dangerous results. A few drugs often stand out for the frequency of lawsuits waged against them, including:

  • Taxotere. Taxotere is a chemotherapy drug used for multiple types of cancer, including breast cancer. Plaintiffs in Taxotere lawsuits argue that this drug caused permanent hair loss, alleging that pharmaceutical companies failed to warn victims of the risk prior to treatment. For more information on Taxotere, contact Casey, Devoti & Brockland. 
  • Zantac. Zantac is an antihistamine and antacid used to treat heartburn. However, the drug uses an unstable molecule that may cause cancer in its users. Victims have turned to drug injury lawyers due to its negligent design and the company’s failure to warn the public. Contact us and we’ll match you with our best attorney for a Zantac lawsuit.
  • Vaccines. Multiple vaccines have been involved in defective drug lawsuits over the years. However, victims often seek compensation from a federal program, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), rather than suing the manufacturers directly. Attorney Matt Devoti has experience representing victims and their families in the VICP — contact Casey, Devoti & Brockland for more information.

Navigating the Aftermath

There is a substantial difference between a side effect and a defect. During a defective pharmaceutical case, pharmaceutical injury lawyers will examine your medical history as well as the manufacturing conditions surrounding the drug. From there, your personal injury attorneys will advise you on the best path forward.

Damages in Defective Drug Lawsuits

Defective drugs leave victims with lasting health complications, forcing them to place parts of their lives on hold to focus on recovery. As drug injury lawyers, we often seek the following damages in defective drug lawsuits: 

  • Past, present & future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain & suffering

Let’s Talk Next Steps

If you were injured or suffered unplanned side effects after taking medication, the attorneys at Casey, Devoti & Brockland want to hear your story. Our pharmaceutical injury lawyers understand the challenges you’re facing after experiencing a product liability incident and are fully prepared to fight for your recovery.

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