What Is Workers’ Compensation?

An employer with five or more employees is required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance. Some companies with a higher risk of workplace injuries, such as construction companies, are required to carry it regardless of their number of employees. This type of insurance coverage is intended to offset major expenses involved with an injury at work, such as surgery costs or long-term disability.

Workers’ Compensation is meant to keep you on your feet while you’re unable to work. Unfortunately, employers and their insurance companies often make it difficult to access those funds, forcing our St. Louis Workers’ Compensation attorneys to take action. Your Workers’ Compensation claim may fall under one of the following categories.

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Our lawyers have a strong understanding of Missouri and Illinois’ complex Workers’ Compensation laws. We have achieved success in the courtroom over some of the country’s largest insurance companies. 

Our Workers’ Compensation claim specialists will sit down with you to understand your personal injury at work and immediately begin building a Workers’ Compensation claim. From there, our St. Louis Workers’ Compensation attorneys seek appropriate compensation for your pain and suffering, medical care and lost wages related to the incident.

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