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Although no two accidents are the same, there are several common causes of a car crash that our best auto accident injury lawyers may handle. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that the leading causes of crashes are distracted driving and drunk driving. Texting while driving is also a rapidly growing concern for young drivers and has been linked to a number of auto collisions nationwide.

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Automotive crashes change the lives of individuals and their families. In this difficult time, a St. Louis auto accident attorney will help you carry the burden and seek justice. Whether you need motorcycle crash attorneys, truck crash lawyers or auto wreck lawyers, Casey, Devoti & Brockland will be at your side throughout your legal journey. 

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Even a small fender bender could become a complex auto collision lawsuit when you consider the number of individuals, attorneys and insurance companies involved — you may need one of the best auto accident injury lawyers to prevail. Our St. Louis auto accident attorneys have handled countless cases involving auto collisions and understand the legal process required to prove fault and achieve the results our clients deserve.

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Casey, Devoti & Brockland is a St. Louis-based law firm serving personal injury victims across Missouri. With over 40 years of experience on our side, we’ve built trust in communities both local and statewide. Whether you need auto wreck lawyers or general personal injury representation, our best auto accident injury lawyers strive to be here for you, your family and your future — discover how our firm can help you. 

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