The Great Multitasking Myth

People think they are great at multitasking.  But the reality is, humans are terrible at multitasking.

Here’s why multitasking is a myth:

  • When you do two things at the same time, your brain is quickly jumping between the two things.  This is why it’s so dangerous to talk on the phone and drive at the same time.  One second your brain is focused on driving.  The next second your brain is focused on the phone conversation.  The reality is you are not fully focused on either task.
  • People think talking to a person the phone is the same as talking to a passenger in the car.  Not true.  A passenger can help the driver stay focused on the road and warn them of a potential danger.
  • People believe hands-free technology is safe to use while driving.  False.  Your brain is cognitively distracted by the phone conversation.  Studies show drivers who are talking on the phone while driving have a limited field of vision and can miss up to 50 percent of  their driving environment.
  • People think it’s safe to use their phones when stopped at traffic signals.  This is not safe.  A recent AAA  study showed that drivers remain distracted up to 27 seconds after they send a text.
  • People think voice-to-text is safe to do while driving.  This is also not safe.  Drivers are mentally distracted while composing the text and can continue to be distracted  by common autocorrect mistakes.

Our friends at The National Safety Council have created a compelling Infographic to illustrate the dangers of the great multitasking myth.  We urge everyone to be aware of the great multitasking myth and share this important information with friends and family.

When you are driving, your sole focus should be on the road.

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