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Newsletter – Summer 2018

Casey & Devoti | A Personal Injury Law Firm
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Firm Celebrates 35th Anniversary

35th Casey and Devoti firm anniversary

The year was 1983.
Ronald Reagan was President. The average annual income was $12,000. A new car would set you back $6,000. After an 11 year-run M.A.S.H. aired its series finale, becoming the highest rated TV show in history. And, Motorola released the DynaTEC 8000X, the first commercially available cellular phone. The phone was over a foot long, weighed nearly two pounds, had one hour of talk time and could store 30 phone numbers. With a price tag of $3,995, it would be the equivalent of paying $10,200 today.

Tom Casey

Tom Casey

Locust Building

This same year, when Matt Casey and Matt Devoti were just 10 years old, marked the birth of the law firm that would eventually become known as Casey & Devoti. Two St. Louis trial attorneys, Tom Casey and Steve Meyerkord, had a vision of delivering highly customized personal injury legal services. Having previously worked for larger firms, they knew the vision could only happen if they opened their own small firm, focused exclusively on personal injury litigation.

Matt Casey

Matt Casey

Matt Devoti

Matt Devoti

Click here to learn more about our rich history.

Devoti Secures Jury Verdict Against St. Louis City Police Officer

A man represented by Casey & Devoti, a St. Louis-based personal injury firm, was successful in his case arising from a motor vehicle crash with an on-duty St. Louis City Police Officer. A jury in the City of St. Louis awarded the man $185,000 following a three-day trial that concluded on May 2, 2018.

Police Car

On June 5, 2015, the firm’s client was driving his Jeep Wrangler in the City of St. Louis heading southbound on Grand Avenue. When he approached the intersection of Osage Street, the traffic signal turned yellow and he stopped at the signal. Seconds later, a Chevy Tahoe driven by an on-duty St. Louis City Police Officer rear-ended the Jeep Wrangler. The client testified since the light had turned yellow as he approached, he felt he had plenty of time to safely stop at the intersection. The officer testified the Jeep Wrangler abruptly stopped and he felt the Jeep could have proceeded safely through the intersection. It is important to note, the officer also admitted to looking down at his computer moments before the impact.

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Partner Matt Devoti Delivers Address at Annual Memorial Service

Matt Devoti

Each May, members of the Bench and Bar legal community who passed away are remembered during a memorial service hosted by the Lawyers’ Association of St. Louis. This year the service was held on Thursday, May 24th at the Civil Courts Building in downtown St. Louis.

Partner Matt Devoti delivered a thoughtful eulogy emphasizing that while they all were lawyers, some practiced their entire career and others chose a different career path. Despite their differences, he pointed out their one common thread was their dedication to upholding the principles of the Constitution and their contributions to the St. Louis legal community and the community at-large.

The Lawyers’ Association of St. Louis is recognized in the St. Louis metropolitan area as the association for trial attorneys. It was founded in 1934 to include all members of the Bench and Bar regardless of ethnicity and religion. Today the association’s members have become some of the area’s top trial attorneys and have been appointed to the federal, state and local benches.

Click here to read Devoti’s full memorial address.

Devoti & Firm Support Fundraiser for Local Domestic Abuse Shelter

SMH fundraiser Magic Chef Mansion

It was a magical night at the Magic Chef Mansion as folks rallied together for the ‘Hit A Home Run for St. Martha’s Hall’ fundraiser on Friday, April 6th. About 130 guests attended the baseball-themed party, which raised over $12,000 for St. Martha’s Hall, a St. Louis-based shelter for abused women and their children.

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100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers

Teen driver infographic 100 deadliest days Teen drivers

Did you know the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are the deadliest for teen drivers?

In fact, teen-involved crashes kill an average of 10 people each day during this deadly Summer period – which is a 14 percent increase per day over the rest of the year.

Speed, distraction and night-time driving are major factors that cause the increase in teen crashes and fatalities. In fact, 60 percent of all teen crashes are caused by distraction – primarily from other passengers (16%) and talking/texting on the phone (12%).

Parents are urged to talk with their teen drivers about the importance of safe driving. They should remind teen drivers that distractions play a huge role in crashes, so they should set a good example by driving distraction-free themselves. Other helpful teen driver tips:

  • Put the phone down. Text or call family/friends before starting the trip.
  • Avoid having too many passengers.
  • Avoid eating and drinking while driving.
  • Remind teens that driving drunk or under the influence of drugs is not only extremely dangerous, but also illegal. Teens also need to understand the legal fees and fines associated with a DWI/DUI are high, it will cause their auto insurance to sky-rocket, and it could jeopardize a college scholarship, internship or job offer.
  • Empower teens to show courage to decline a ride from a friend who has been drinking, taking drugs or who won’t put their phone down. Saying ‘no thanks’ may make the difference between life and death.
  • Encourage teens to call you if they find themselves in a bad driving situation. Let them know you will pick them up without any recriminations.

Firm Booking Distracted Driving Presentations for Fall 2018

End Distracted Driving logo

Because 60 percent of teen crashes are caused by distractions, Matt and Matt continue their mission to educate young drivers on the dangers of distracted driving. Since becoming authorized speakers for’s ‘End Distracted Student Awareness Program’, they have delivered this important safety message to over 5,000 students at 11 different high schools throughout St. Louis and southeastern Missouri.

This free program aims to educate young drivers on the importance of eliminating distractions while driving and empowers them as passengers to speak up and help a driver who may be distracted.

To learn more about the program, visit The firm is currently booking presentations for fall 2018. If you know a high school or other student group that would benefit from this program, please contact Lara Vitiello at (314) 409-0996 or

Office Manager Stephanie Perry Receives ‘Unsung Legal Hero’ Award

Stephanie Perry

Casey & Devoti Office Manager, Stephanie Perry, was recently named an ‘Unsung Legal Hero’ by Missouri Lawyers Weekly. The award honors those law firm employees who diligently work behind the scenes handling the day-to-day operations of a firm.

Stephanie was among 25 recipients who received the award throughout the St. Louis area. She is a valuable asset to Casey & Devoti and this award is a well-deserved honor for her dedication, hard work and positive attitude. While her official title is Office Manager, Stephanie wears many hats and juggles multiple tasks. Daily, she answers the phone, gathers data from clients, manages calendars, prepares correspondence, requests/reviews medical records, prepares pleadings for filing, and assists Matt and Matt with case preparation. And, on top of everything – she drives 90 miles roundtrip to the office every day.

Click here to read more.

Living Safer Magazine

Each quarter, Casey & Devoti publishes our safety magazine called Living Safer. This free magazine is brimming with informative articles on all things safety-related. Our latest issue discusses bullying and cyber-humiliation. Sign-up to have this free magazine delivered directly to your home or office. Click the banner below to read the electronic version of the magazine.

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