Founding Principles in Action: Our St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers

St. Louis personal injury lawyers

As we celebrate our firm’s 40th Anniversary, we want to spotlight our St. Louis personal injury lawyers. They all followed their own path to becoming an attorney and joining Casey, Devoti & Brockland. Yet, each one’s practice continues to be guided by founding principles established by one of our founding partners, Tom Casey. Read on to learn more about the attorneys who continue to serve the community.

Matt Casey

Matt Casey came from a long line of attorneys — but his journey did not follow a straight path. Matt studied molecular biology at Boston College due to a lifelong interest in genetics. But over time, he discovered that research was not fully captivating him. He was drawn to the personal impact law could have on the community, eventually deciding to attend the Saint Louis University School of Law.

After obtaining his law degree, Matt took a summer associate position with a large defense firm that had a strong litigation practice. His work defending corporations made him realize he wanted to represent individuals who were wronged by negligence. He was quickly drawn back to the firm his father, Tom Casey, created.

Matt returned to the firm he grew up alongside in 2003, becoming a partner by 2004. As a St. Louis personal injury lawyer, Matt has carried on his father’s belief of helping the “little guy” through quality legal representation. He also reaches well beyond Casey, Devoti & Brockland’s practice — serving countless community organizations such as the Richmond Heights City Council, the Lawyers Association of St. Louis and the Missouri Board of Governors.

Matt Devoti

Matt Devoti originally saw himself in the classroom, not the courtroom. He studied history and political science as an undergraduate at Westminster College. However, after shadowing an acquaintance who was an attorney, he found himself fascinated by the inner workings of the law — eventually pursuing his law degree at Saint Louis University.

In his first year of law school, a chance encounter defined his future. While looking for a house, his real estate agent ended up being Tom Casey’s wife, who connected him to Casey & Meyerkord. Partner Tom Casey sat down with him and agreed to give him a start as a law clerk. Throughout the remainder of his law school career, he filed courthouse papers, called clients, wrote legal briefs and any other action items at the firm.

In 1998, he graduated and officially became an associate attorney at Casey & Meyerkord. By 2004, he was promoted to partner. Though his title has changed, Matt has stayed true to his roots by always viewing himself as an educator. St. Louis personal injury lawyers often interact with people who have no experience with the law — Matt Devoti steps in to educate them about the legal process and ease their apprehension.

Matt remains an active member of the St. Louis community, often volunteering his time and talents in service of professional and charitable organizations. He has served as a director for Hill 2000 and a board member of St. Martha’s Hall and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Gateway Chapter.

Anne Brockland

Anne Brockland began as an ambitious student in the Psychology Department at the University of Texas at Austin. She completed her coursework early and decided to opt for a second major in Government. It was then that she fell in love with the law. Anne changed direction from continuing her higher education studying behavioral therapies for autism to pursuing her law degree at Saint Louis University School of Law.

Anne always knew that she wanted to help individuals. Motivated by her compassion and competitive drive, she pursued a career as a St. Louis personal injury lawyer. She found great pride in helping people rebuild their lives after unexpected injuries. After gaining her expertise in the courtroom, Anne wanted to try her hand at owning a law firm. She explored many options but found alignment with Matt Casey and Matt Devoti’s values.

Anne joined Matt Casey and Matt Devoti in 2018, just as Founding Partner Tom Casey was retiring. Her addition to the firm transformed it officially into “Casey, Devoti & Brockland.” As a partner, she strives to make personal injury claims understandable while activating her innate tenacity to secure positive outcomes. Anne is highly proficient in the courtroom as well as at the negotiation table.

Anne has become highly regarded by her peers due to her involvement in the legal community. She volunteers for several legal organizations and notably served as president of the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis in 2022. Anne also sits on the Board of Governors of both the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys and the American Association for Justice. She has received many notable awards, including:

  • The Lon O. Hocker Trial Lawyer Award
  • The John C. Shepherd Professionalism Award
  • The Influential Appellate Advocate Award issued by Missouri Lawyers Weekly
  • The Women’s Justice Award for Litigation
  • 2023 Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers Top 50 St. Louis Lawyer
  • 2023 Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers Top 50 Women Lawyer

Work with Casey, Devoti & Brockland

As St. Louis personal injury lawyers, we continually dedicate our passion for justice to serve our community well. Our attorneys stand strong for victims of personal injury, helping them hold those who injured them accountable. Though it has had many names, our firm has served St. Louis proudly for 40 years — and will continue to do so for many more years to come.

Are you ready to pursue justice? Contact Casey Devoti & Brockland for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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