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Partner Matt Devoti to Deliver ‘End Distracted Driving’ Message at Ursuline Academy

Posted by Lara Vitiello on November 7, 2017

Distracted driving is an epidemic in the United States. One in four accidents in the U.S. involve texting and driving.  Every day 11 teenagers die in car accidents because they were texting and driving. On Thursday, November 9, 2017, Casey & Devoti Partner Matt Devoti will deliver the ‘End Distracted Driving’ program to the students at Ursuline Academy […]

Electric Shock Drowning: An Invisible Danger

Posted by Lara Vitiello on July 12, 2017

Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) is a real danger. The danger is invisible, but it may be lurking within water around docks and marinas. Electricity used to power boats, dock lights and boat lifts can leak into water if not properly equipped, maintained and grounded. These leaks, caused by faulty electrical equipment, wiring and improper grounding, […]

Common Labor and Delivery Errors

Posted by Lara Vitiello on February 7, 2017

Legal Blog post by Partner Matt Casey Common Labor and Delivery Errors Most births in the United States are complication-free.  However, approximately 5 to 7 out of every 1,000 births results in some sort of birth trauma.  Many of these are a result of errors by physicians, nurses, or other healthcare providers.  The following is […]

Drunk Driver Kills Couple on Motorcycle

Posted by Lara Vitiello on February 6, 2017

Legal Blog post by Partner Matt Devoti Drunk Driver Kills Couple On Motorcycle In September 2016, a man and woman riding a motorcycle were killed by a drunk driver in southeast Missouri. Riding a motorcycle comes with inherent risks.  The most obvious being that a rider has very little protection between their body and another vehicle, a tree or […]

All Hallows Eve Safety Tips

Posted by Lara Vitiello on October 28, 2016

A crisp wind blows, leaves crunch under foot, the smell of pumpkins and burning candles drift through the air – then you know it’s Halloween! Many people know the word Halloween is the shortening of the term All Hallows Eve.  But, did you know that Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival known […]

Kids In Hot Cars: Tips To Prevent Tragedies

Posted by Lara Vitiello on June 17, 2016

Even the best of parents or caregivers can unknowingly leave a sleeping child in a hot car; and the end result can be injury or even death. The reality is – it can happen to anyone. believes the solution to these preventable tragedies is a combination of education and technology.  Below are some simple tips […]

Heat Advisory Safety Tips

Posted by Lara Vitiello on June 7, 2016

As the mercury rises this summer, follow these important heat advisory safety tips so you can stay safe and cool this summer.  Everyone can be affected by excessive heat. However, there are certain populations who are more sensitive to extreme heat, these include: the elderly, people with chronic health conditions, low income families, infants and children, […]

Give the Gift of Distracted-Free Driving This Holiday

Posted by Lara Vitiello on December 11, 2015

Santa and the Elf on the Shelf may be watching your kids. But don’t forget that your kids are watching you.  As soon as a child’s car seat is moved to face forward, they start learning how to drive.  This is why it is so important to model distracted-free driving at all times. Don’t fall into the ‘do as I say, not […]

Sharing The Road Safely

Posted by Matthew J. Devoti on June 26, 2014

By Matt Devoti This past weekend, a bicyclist was killed in a hit-and-run accident in the City of St. Louis. Police said that video footage from a camera mounted to the man’s bicycle showed that he rolled through a 4-way stop just before the accident. However, it wasn’t clear from the video what caused the […]

National CPR & AED Awareness Week

Posted by Matthew J. Devoti on June 20, 2014

This year, the National CPR and AED Awareness week took place the first week of June. In recognition of this important awareness week, Casey & Devoti and the National Safety Council are calling on all citizens to learn or to take a refresher course in CPR. Why Learn CPR? Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone […]


Firm Client Receives Favorable Appellate Court Ruling

The Missouri Court of Appeals issued an opinion earlier this week in favor of Casey, Devoti & Brockland client, Peter Dittrich. Dittrich was injured in a motor vehicle collision on February 2015, when the Jeep Liberty he was driving was struck by a trash truck in Jefferson County.  The crash happened on Missouri Highway 30 […] more

Halloween Safety Tips

According to the National Safety Council, children are more than twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed on Halloween than on any other day of the year.  Additionally, October is the second leading month for motor vehicle deaths with 3,550. To help ensure adults and children have a safe holiday, the […] more

Matt Devoti Helps Client Get Larger Workers’ Compensation Pay-Out

Earlier this month, a Casey, Devoti & Brockland client resolved his injury claim for nearly twice the amount offered before he hired our firm.  Ed P. does body work for an auto collision repair shop in mid-Missouri.  Ed’s job demands extensive use of his hands and arms, including the repetitive handling of vibrating machinery and […] more

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