Anne Brockland Featured in the St. Louis Business Journal

In a recent feature in the St. Louis Business Journal, Anne Brockland discussed her plans to explore the meaning of an attorney’s oath. Anne began her term as the new president of the Board of Governors of the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (BAMSL) in May 2022. As she kicks off her year-long term, Anne wants to redefine what upholding the Constitution means.

She believes that attorneys should work alongside their clients rather than at their behest — and they should never use the law for their own political gain. Beyond this, she believes an attorney’s oath is one of care for the broader community.

“I also think it’s more than that. It’s volunteering and doing pro bono work for people who can’t afford the help, that constitutionally need it and require it,” Brockland told the Business Journal. 

Anne Brockland will spend the next year helming BAMSL and finding new ways to help members of the organization explore their practice. Read more about Anne’s upcoming initiatives with BAMSL in the St. Louis Business Journal feature.

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