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Local Attorneys Educate Teen Drivers on Dangers of Distracted Driving

Posted by Lara Vitiello on March 3, 2017

I009n the state of Missouri, a teen is involved in a motor vehicle accident every 90 minutes.  In the United States, car crashes are the number one cause of death for teens ages 15-19.  For all age groups, distracted driving is the number one cause of all car accidents nationwide – even more than drunk/impaired driving.

The frequency of these stories underscores the need for stricter distracted driving laws, as well as more community education regarding distracted driving. In 2015, feeling compelled to do something about this epidemic, local personal injury attorneys Matt Casey and Matt Devoti partnered with (End Distracted Driving) to become authorized speakers for the ‘End Distracted Driving’ Student Awareness Program.  This timely program aims to educate young drivers on the importance of eliminating distractions while driving.

007Over the past two years, Matt and Matt have delivered the presentation to over 4,000 high school students throughout metropolitan St. Louis and southeastern Missouri. They have done presentations for Cor Jesu, Notre Dame, St. Mary’s, St. John Vianney, John F. Kennedy, Perryville, Bismarck, and Ste. Genevieve high schools.

The interactive presentation is done free of charge and offers the sobering statistics of the current safety crisis, shares true stories of the costs of distracted driving, and offers simple steps that drivers can use immediately to help themselves and others around them End Distracted Driving.

012“Distracted driving is a huge problem for people of all ages – not just teens. That is the message we want to get across to these young drivers,” said Matt Casey.  “We want them to be aware of the consequences whether it’s them, their parent or their friend who is driving distracted.  The presentation offers eye-opening insight and concrete solutions to the problem that they can implement right away.” (End Distracted Driving) was established to raise awareness and generate action against the epidemic of distracted driving. It was created by Joel Feldman and Dianne Anderson, after the death of their daughter Casey Feldman – who was struck and killed by a distracted driver.

Since April 2012, more than 500 professionals have given presentations to more than 325,000 teens and adults. Matt and Matt are thrilled to be part of the network of speakers who volunteer their time to give presentations in the St. Louis area. To book a presentation, please contact Lara Vitiello at (314) 409-0996 or

020Casey & Devoti is a St. Louis-based personal injury firm.  Partners Matt Casey and Matt Devoti are seasoned litigators who together have nearly 40 years of trial experience.  They specialize strictly in personal injury matters, such as:  car, truck and train accidents, victims of impaired/distracted driving, medical malpracticebirth injuries, product liability, slip/trip/fall injurieselder care and sexual abuse, Workers’ Compensation, and wrongful death.  Please visit to learn more about the firm’s rich history of protecting clients’ rights.


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