Matt Casey & Matt Devoti Deliver ‘End Distracted Driving’ Presentations

As part of our continuing commitment to community service and safety, Casey & Devoti is pleased to announce our partnership with (End Distracted Driving) and the Distracted Driving Awareness Initiative.

Both Matt Casey and Matt Devoti are looking forward to promoting this extremely important safety initiative, which is designed to educate drivers on the importance of eliminating distractions while driving.  Matt and Matt are both available to present the powerful, interactive presentations to student and adult groups.

These educational, informative and inspiring talks will present the sobering statistics of our current safety crisis, share true stories of the costs of Distracted Driving, and offer simple steps that drivers can use immediately to help themselves and others around them End Distracted Driving.  The two presentations (student version and adult version) drive home the same message, but are slightly different to more effectively target the specific audience – new, student drivers and adult drivers.

Our attorneys are available to do presentations in the greater St. Louis Metropolitan area and throughout southeastern Missouri.  The presentations would be perfect for any size group and can be tailored to fit a specific time frame.  A sampling of groups that would benefit from the presentations include, but are not limited to:

  • entire high school student bodies, selected grades, driver’s education classes, high school sports teams or student activity clubs
  • church youth groups or other community youth groups
  • boy scout troops
  • business networking groups
  • professional associations
  • parent-teacher organizations
  • church groups

Distracted Driving results in thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of injuries each year. Since 2012 more than 400 professionals, nurses, physicians, safety experts, driver’s education instructors, lawyers and others have given presentations to more than 125,000 teens and adults. Matt Casey and Matt Devoti are thrilled to be part of the network of speakers who will be volunteering their time to give presentations across the country. (End Distracted Driving) was established to raise awareness and generate action against the epidemic of distracted driving. It was created by Joel Feldman and Dianne Anderson, parents of Casey Feldman, after her death in 2009.  Casey Feldman was just 21 years old when she was hit and killed by a distracted driver as she crossed a street governed by 4-way stop signs, during daylight hours.  The driver was reaching across the console for a drink and took his eyes off the road for a split second.  That split second cost Casey her life.

Learn more about and view a preview of the powerful presentations.

Do you know a group that would benefit from this powerful presentation?

To book a presentation, please contact Lara Vitiello at (314) 409-0996 or

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