Client Obtains $1 Million Judgment

A Pulaski County judge recently awarded $1 million to a man represented by Casey & Devoti.

The man was a passenger in a Toyota 4Runner involved in a motor vehicle collision on a rural highway in Pulaski County. The 4Runner left westbound Raleigh Road when its driver attempted to navigate a curve at too high a speed. The truck rotated clockwise before overturning.

The passenger suffered injury to his neck, upper back and left hand. He fractured the vertebrae located at C6, C7, T1 and T2 and required extensive surgery, including spinal fusion. He continues to experience left hand weakness.

Matt Devoti tried the case before Judge Mary Sheffield on December 8, 2011. Following trial, the trial court entered judgment in favor of Matt’s client and against the motorist in the amount of $1 million.

The judgment was not appealed.

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