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Medical Malpractice

Birth Injury: What is Cerebral Palsy?

Posted by Lara Vitiello on April 9, 2018

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a neurological disorder that primarily affects body movement and muscle coordination. It causes physical impairment involving limitation or loss of function and mobility. Individuals with CP can have difficulty with: muscle coordination muscle control muscle tone reflexes balance and posture fine or gross motor skills talking and swallowing thinking and reasoning […]

Top 10 Patient Safety Issues for 2018

Posted by Lara Vitiello on February 22, 2018

Whether you are hospitalized for an illness or a scheduled procedure – it’s safe to say, the sooner you can leave the hospital, the better. No one wants an extended stay in the hospital.   While researching patient safety issues, we came across this insightful article from Becker’s Hospital Review. It outlines the top 10 patient […]

Avoid Opioids: 5 Alternatives for Pain Management

Posted by Lara Vitiello on December 12, 2017

This article originally appeared in the Fall 2017 issue of Living Safer Magazine (Vol. 9 Ed. 3)   Legal & Safety Blog Avoid Opioids:  5 Alternatives for Pain Management By Matthew Casey   Pain is the most common reason people seek medical care, according to the National Institute for Health. One hundred million Americans suffer […]

Birth Injuries: What Is Cerebral Palsy?

Posted by Lara Vitiello on May 23, 2017

Legal & Safety Blog by Matthew Casey What is Cerebral Palsy? Cerebral Palsy (CP) is caused by abnormal development or damage to the parts of the brain the control movement, balance and posture. Most often the causes occur during pregnancy, but they can also occur during or shortly after childbirth.  Risk factors include premature birth, […]

Why Should a Lawyer Review Medical Records When a Baby is Born With a Birth Injury?

Posted by Lara Vitiello on May 2, 2017

Legal & Safety Blog by Matt Casey Why Should a Lawyer Review Medical Records When a Baby is Born with a Birth Injury? I’ve been a trial lawyer for nearly 16 years. In that time, I’ve handled a variety of personal injury cases – car accidents, product liability, slips and falls, medical malpractice, birth injuries, […]

Warning Signs of Elder Abuse

Posted by Lara Vitiello on February 6, 2017

Legal Blog post by Partner Matt Casey Warning Signs of Elder Abuse Every year hundreds of thousands of older adults are abused, neglected or exploited. Sadly, for every report of elder abuse, it is estimated that another 23 cases go unreported. Cases are unreported for a variety of reasons – the victim may be unable […]

Common Labor & Delivery Errors

Posted by Lara Vitiello on July 14, 2015

Most births in the United States are complication-free.  However, approximately 5 to 7 out of every 1,000 births results in some sort of birth trauma.  Many of these are a result of errors by physicians, nurses, or other healthcare providers.  The following is a list of the most common labor and delivery errors and the possible […]

Ten Most Common Medical Errors in The U.S.

Posted by Lara Vitiello on May 4, 2015

Medical errors in the U.S. kill up to 100,000 people every year.  In its 1999 landmark book, To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System, the Institute of Medicine stated that medical errors in the U.S. kill up to 100,000 people every year. In other words, for every person killed in the U.S. by […]


Casey & Devoti Welcome New Partner Anne Brockland

Matt Casey and Matt Devoti are pleased to welcome Anne Brockland to the firm as a new partner. The firm name will officially change to Casey, Devoti & Brockland, P.C. Anne joins the firm will over 10 years of personal injury trial experience with a special emphasis on medical malpractice. She takes great pride in helping people […] more

Casey & Devoti Collect Toilet Paper for Local Domestic Abuse Shelter

Casey & Devoti recently hosted a toilet paper drive to benefit St. Martha’s Hall, a shelter for abused women and their children.  Through the generosity of clients, colleagues, family and friends, the firm was able to collect over 150 rolls of toilet paper for the shelter. In late summer, a water leak in the shelter’s basement […] more

Daylight Savings: Night Driving Tips

When the sun goes down, extra dangers arise on the road. Dark conditions are not ideal for human eyes. As we age, our ability to see clearly at night deteriorates. The National Safety Council estimates that a 50-year-old driver may need twice as much light to see comfortably over a 30-year old driver. Limited light […] more

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