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Senate Committee Considers Changes to Workers Compensation

Posted by Matthew J. Devoti on January 25, 2011

Last evening, a Missouri Senate committee held a hearing to consider Senate Bill No. 8.  The bill proposes additional changes to Missouri’s Workers’ Compensation system.  Most significantly, the bill blocks the ability of an injured person to seek compensation from a fellow employee who negligently injuries the person if the injury occurs during work.  The proposed legislation follows legislation that was passed in 2005 that severely limited injured workers’ rights to collect for on-the-job injuries by enacting a number of provisions, including the redefining of what activities constitute a compensable “accident.”  Today, Missouri’s Workers’ Compensation system is the exclusive (or only) remedy for an injured employee to seek redress against his employer for an injury suffered on-the-job.

Click here to view Senate Bill No. 8.


What is Repetitive Stress Injury?

Oftentimes we associate a workplace injury with a single, catastrophic event such as an explosion or fall from a height.  However, most workplace injuries develop slowly, over time from the cumulative effect of repetitive movements or postures on the job.  These can include a wide  range of movements, such as keyboarding, hammering nails or holding […] more

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Earlier this week, the winter switch was flipped in the St. Louis region.  The winter snow storm on Monday left a wake of traffic congestion and accidents across the metro area.  While the official snowfall total was only 1.5 inches in St. Louis, it wreaked havoc on area roads causing 203 crashes and injuring 17 […] more

Firm Client Receives Favorable Appellate Court Ruling

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