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City Sidewalks Remain In Disrepair Two Years After Lawsuit

Posted by Matthew J. Devoti on November 11, 2009

Almost two years after Casey & Devoti obtained a verdict against the City St. Louis for the death of Lisi Bansen, the city sidewalks which were found to have caused her death remain in disrepair.  On November 4, 2005, Lisi Bansen was killed when she was struck by a car as she navigated her wheelchair in the street.  Ms. Bansen was forced into the street because the city sidewalks were in such a broken condition that she was unable to maneuver her wheelchair over them.  Despite having lost the the Bansen lawsuit nearly two years ago, the City of St. Louis has failed to completely repair the sidewalks which were found to have contributed to cause Ms. Bansen’s death.

See the KSDK news report about the failure of the City of St. Louis to repair the sidewalks by clicking here.


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